Consultations in the ESPEC National Council committee on the CO2 Act

The National Council's Committee ESPEC decides to go it alone with competitive disadvantages for Swiss aviation

The EXPEC-N (UREK-N) voted 14:9 with one abstention in favour of a tax on general aviation. The fact that this measure will reduce CO2 emissions in business aviation is an illusion and pure symbolic politics. Even if there are a few per cent fewer flights because of this levy - these will be exceeded many times over by the demand for such flights by business jet. The difference is that these flights no longer depart from Switzerland, but from neighbouring countries. Switzerland is therefore not only losing an important factor for its attractiveness as a business location, but also highly qualified labour, from pilots to mechanics. It is also losing its international connections. At the same time, the part of business aviation that remains in Switzerland is deprived of investment funds for renewable fuel (SAF) and more energy-efficient aircraft.

A tax that is not harmonised with the EU creates regulatory confusion. Let's concentrate on using the lever that brings the most benefit: that is the use of SAF with a quota. No going it alone with competitive disadvantages for Switzerland as a business location.

Press release ESPEC-N 09.11.2023