Consultations in the Environmental Commission of the Council of State on a tax for jet fuel

Aerosuisse notes with satisfaction the decision of the UREK-S of 22 March 2023 that a tax on aviation fuel must be coordinated globally and not at European level.

The Environment Commission of the Council of States (UREK-S)  has decided not to follow the initiative of the Canton of Zurich 22.306 "Einführung einer wirksamen Kerosinsteuer". This initiative wants jet fuel in European air traffic to be taxed in future. The majority of the UREK-S members are of the opinion that such a tax on jet fuel must be coordinated globally. In the current consultations on the revision of the CO2 Act after 2024, a blending quota for renewable aviation fuels will have to be examined.

Press release UREK-S, 22.03.2023