Newsletter Summer 2021


Dear readers


The rejection of the CO2 Act was not to be expected, but is in accordance with AEROSUISSE’s views, because the air ticket levy anchored in the law was a conceptual error. Aviation is fully aware of its responsibilities and not necessarily against environmental taxes. But these must be fully reinvested in aviation and should be, if possible, coordinated at international level (no distortion of competition) in order to effectively reduce CO2 emissions. On the basis of the already developed catalogue of measures, AEROSUISSE will therefore prepare a proposal for a CO2 reduction program for swiss aviation – an effective program that can be supported by the aviation industry. Thereby, we must anticipate possible requests of groups with a potentially critical attitude to aviation.


I wish you nice and restful holidays – hopefully in conjunction with a flight and with as few restrictions as possible.


Thomas Hurter, National Councillor, president of AEROSUISSE


Important Covid-19 certificate

The old Covid-19 law was adopted by the people and the cantons on 13 June. Meanwhile, a referendum has been launched against the new Covid-19 law which was adopted by the parliament in the summer session. If this new Covid-19 law fails in the referendum, the consequences for aviation will be severe: the Covid-19 certificate will thus lose its statutory legitimation. The Covid-19 certificate provides documentary evidence that passengers have had a COVID-19 vaccination, have recovered from the disease or have tested negative. Therefore, AEROSUISSE has addressed Federal Councillor Alain Beset and campaigned for the Covid-19 certificate which allows free entry into and departure from Switzerland. This is a vital prerequisite which significantly contributes to stimulating passenger demand.  


No mandatory tender process for airports

At the request of AEROSUISSE, the Federal Council as well as the National Council have adopted motion 21.3458 «Sektorenmarkt der Flughäfen im öffentlichen Beschaffungswesen» (sector market of airports in public procurement). AEROSUISSE has significantly contributed to achieving that the systemically relevant infrastructures of airports are exempted from mandatory tender processes. Such mandatory tender processes would allow foreign investors to acquire critical infrastructures in Switzerland. The decision of the Council of States is still pending.


"English only" in Zurich

In the summer session, the National Council decided within the framework of the revision of the Law on Aviation that «English only» radio transmissions will only apply to Zurich national airport. At regional airports, non-commercial visual flights may transmit radio messages in English or in the locally spoken official language (German, French or English). A further modification of the Law on Aviation concerns alcohol checks for crew members – these checks can now be extended to members of the cabin crew. The decision of the Council of States is still pending.


F-35 - the new Swiss fighter aircraft

AEROSUISSE welcomes the Federal Council’s decision to purchase 36 Lockheed Martin F-35A fighter aircraft for slightly more than five billion francs. The result of the evaluation was unambiguous. AEROSUISSE explicitly rejects the initiative against this purchase. It is important that all supporters of the renewal of the air force now close ranks. If the initiative is accepted, Switzerland will face a disaster and have no replacement for the F/A-18 Hornet. Without a modern and operational air force the army cannot fulfil its mission and Switzerland thus loses its credibility in terms of security policy.  

Press release of Federal Council, 30 June 2021


GA 2021 only on 1 October

Due to the pandemic, the general assembly had to be postponed to Friday, 1 October 2021. The GA will be held as planned at Pilatuswerke in Stans.


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