Newsletter Spring 2021


Dear readers

The pandemic is still defining our life and keeps us from travelling. Thus, airline companies and airports are heavily affected – during the first quarter of 2021 the number of flights was as low as in May and June of last year. But there is hope: in the short term, it should be possible to enter Switzerland without having to go into quarantine, provided one can produce a negative PCR test. In the long term, probably only an internationally standardized «health certificate» will permit to travel freely again.

Despite all restrictions I wish you a happy Easter and, as soon as possible, pleasant trips.

Thomas Hurter, president of AEROSUISSE


Travelling with a certificate of vaccination, test or recovery

During the spring session and with the support of Economiesuisse, AEROSUISSE has significantly contributed to article 6a being introduced in the Covid-19 Act by the parliament. The article regulates that with a personal, forgery-proof and data protection compliant certificate of vaccination, test certificate or certificate of recovery from Covid-19 entry into and departure from other countries are possible. In the short term, entry into Switzerland without undergoing quarantine should be possible with a negative PCR test. In the long term, an international «health certificate» will allow to travel worldwide. To make sure that this certificate can be issued to all swiss citizens in a reasonable time frame, AEROSUISSE promotes the idea that the know-how of   the aeronautical sector should be actively used by the FOPH, DETEC, FDJP, FDHA and EAER, so that the «health certificate» is available in time for the summer business. Furthermore, the Covid-19 Act regulates that the Federal Council can control the costs of such a certificate and provide cantons and third parties with a system for issuing such a certificate.


The CO2 Act is headed in the wrong direction

AEROSUISSE endorses the referendum against the CO2 Act which will be voted on 13 June. The included air ticket levy of 30 to 120 francs per passenger and the general aviation levy of 500 to 3000 francs per business jet take-off considerably weaken the competitivity of Switzerland’s aviation. Furthermore, the CO2 Act  provides that only half of the funds generated by these levies could flow back into aviation – but that’s still not definite yet. Therefore, AEROSUISSE has compiled a list of effective measures for an immediate reduction of CO2 emissions. These should convince the FOEN that funds generated by CO2 levies should be reinvested fully in aviation in order to ensure an actual CO2 reduction.


Review of the Aviation Act by the transport commission of the National Council

All good things are worth waiting for! While Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga was still confident in summer 2019, that the «English only» policy in controlled airspace wouldn’t be challenged, the advisory commission of the National Council has now decided that «E-only» is only applicable for Zurich national airport. Otherwise, non-commercial visual flight traffic radio communication shall be possible in English as well as in the official language spoken locally.

Also, the commission has met AEROSUISSE’s requirement that no new provision introducing a voluntary obligation to report is needed for medical personnel. Already today, physicians can be relieved from the obligation of patient confidentiality in order to make a relevant report.

Press release transport commission 23.03.2021


The Federal Council’s measures for partial unemployment

In the spring session of 2021, the parliament decided some changes concerning the Covid-19 Act. These modifications came into effect on 20 March 2021. Furthermore, the Federal Council has extended the summary and simplified procedures for partial unemployment benefit as well as the cancellation of the waiting period until 30 June 2021. All enterprises interested in a current overview will find the key regulations regarding the pre-announcement of partial unemployment here


Further detailed information, as well as the forms for the requests mentioned above, are available on the unemployment insurance’s website For questions regarding the currently valid regulations please contact the relevant cantonal department.




General assembly on 28 May 2021

This year’s general assembly will take place on 28 May. Hopefully, the general situation will not only allow the assembly to be held at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG in Stans, but also allow participants to be physically present. In mid-April we will decide if the general assembly can be held at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG in Stans or if we have to hold the assembly online or if we even need to postpone the event until autumn.

Several changes are intended for the board of directors: Urs Loher (CEO Thales Suisse AG) is proposed as successor for Bruno Giger. Daniel Fürst (Vice President External Relations at RUAG Space) will replace Peter Guggenbach. Andreas Schürer (managing director Komitee Weltoffenes Zürich) is proposed for Thomas O. Koller. The designated commander of the Swiss Air Force, Colonel in the general staff Peter «Pablo» Merz, will replace Major General Bernhard Müller on the board of directors. For Markus Kälin from Pilatus Flugzeugwerke Chris Rambousek (Executive Assistant to the CEO) has been proposed. Furthermore, Jean-Pierre Tappy (commercial aviation), Claudio Lasagni (aerospace industry) and Willy Ruf (handling companies) are resigning from their posts. Their succession must be arranged before the general assembly is held.


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