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Newsletter Year's End 2022



Dear readers

We are pleased about the election of Albert Rösti as Federal Councillor and head of DETEC. He is known for nothing being off-limits and for being open to innovation. Regarding the actual challenges of the DETEC files on energy, mobility, and communication these qualities are urgently required. Aerosuisse will support him so that aviation can provide its contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

After a two-year pandemic Swiss aviation is enjoying a «flying restart». Airlines are operating with profit once again and the acquisition of new combat jets and a ground-to-air defence system has been initiated. New challenges are already waiting to be tackled. For this we need your support. Without you Aerosuisse couldn’t advocate for aviation in Switzerland. We thank you for your last year’s contribution and count on you to renew your membership in Aerosuisse.

We wish you and your families a merry festive season and all the best for 2023.

Thomas Hurter, National Councillor, and chairman of AEROSUISSE


Support for new CO2 Act

Aerosuisse is convinced that the carefully elaborated new CO2 Act will contribute to effectively reduce aviation’s carbon emissions. Besides the admixture obligation for renewable fuels that will be implemented in Switzerland in lockstep with the EU, support programs of the federal government for pilot plants producing synthetic aviation fuels will play a key role. How parliament deals with the law will prove crucial for the outcome. Aerosuisse will advocate for openness to technological ideas instead of prohibitions constituting the majority in this new CO2 Act. National solo runs and Swiss Finish in aviation will only lead to regulations being internationally evaded and Switzerland’s aviation losing its competitiveness. In October, Aerosuisse presented the Council of States’ Committee for Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (UREK-S) with a position paper and will be heard on this topic by the committee in January.


Demonstrating the consequences of the FNAC report

Since the scientific basis for currently applicable limits regarding traffic noise (road, railway, and aircraft noise) are obsolete, the extra-parliamentary Federal Noise Abatement Commission (FNAC) has issued recommendations for adjusting these limits in the ordinance for noise abatement. If these recommendations are implemented, three times more people would be subjected to noise, because they would now live in regions exceeding maximum emission values.

For the EuroAirport for instance the implementation of FNAC recommendations would lead to having to eliminate around 50 percent of the air traffic recorded in 2019, because night closure would be extended from 22 p.m. to 7 a.m. Therefore, Aerosuisse has asked Federal Councillor Sommaruga to quantify the economic costs for these recommendations. A corresponding expert report from DETEC is under way and accompanied by the Federal Highway Agency Astra, the Swiss Federal Office for Transport (BAV), the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) and the FOCA. The leading office is the Federal Office for Environment (FOEN). The implementation would lead to massive construction bans in many cantons because road and railway noise would also be taken into consideration. In this dossier Aerosuisse dedicates itself to achieving an alliance between aviation, railway, and road.


Motion Würth: financing air traffic control on regional airports

Aerosuisse supports the FOCA’s current efforts to create a legal basis for a continuous safeguard of the financial means from the special funds for air traffic for category II regional airports. At the same time, Aerosuisse stresses that this partial financing by the federal government must be linked to an incentive system to reduce air traffic control costs. If such an incentive system is missing, the sum of yearly available revenue from special funds could be solely channelled into air traffic control. But for Aerosuisse it is crucial that financial means from special funds continue to be available for formation, safety measures, environment protection and security purposes.


GA 2023 at the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

The general assembly 2023 of AEROSUISSE will be held on Friday, 26 May, at the EuroAirport. Please reserve this date.


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